Small Town Duo

About Us

SmallTown Duo is owned by Mary Tulanian Benson and Sibyl Day, two women with a long history of friendship and running businesses together.  SmallTown Duo specializes in offering books on legal and medical subjects for consumers.  They both enjoy reading, research and writing. 


Sibyl Day

Sibyl Day was a practicing attorney for ten years.  She has been a probate referee, appraising estates for the court.  She knows a lot about special education law and consumer rights.  She and Mary previously operated a business called Small Town Ideas, which utilized the design and manufacturing services of local women working in their home studios to develop and produce pet products.  Sibyl is a real estate broker and co-owned a brokerage with Mary for many years.  Sibyl enjoys riding her Quarter Horse and walking her two dogs.  Sibyl is an avid reader and usually is working on four or five books at a time.



Mary Tulanian Benson

Mary Tulanian Benson has a long history of working multiple jobs.  You could say she likes change.  She was an occupational therapist in private practice for ten years and developed and presented a continuing education seminar on business management for therapists.  She owned a medical billing service for ten years.  She worked in law offices for thirteen years as support staff and as manager.  She operated Small Town Ideas with Sibyl in the 1990’s, manufacturing pet products. She has been a mortgage broker and real estate broker, and a small business consultant.  Mary loves bicycle riding and usually rides 30-50 miles a week on country roads.  She also loves reading, but can only manage to read one book at a time.